Anti Trafficking Center


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About Us

"Anti Trafficking Center" is an association of citizens the mission of which is to promote universal human rights in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as in the region with the special emphasies on combating trafficking in women and children.

Aims and tasks of the "Anti Trafficking Center '' are: • Helping the victims of human rights abuse • Helping the victims of trafficking in human beings • Fighting the trafficking in women as a form of violence against women • Improving the situation of women in the region • Helping all minority and marginalized groups • Organizing public campaigns, discussions, sessions • Strengthening the women’s network by supporting the women’s groups • Encouraging women to start organizations • Empowering women through education

Special tasks of the "Anti Trafficking Center" are:

• Constant campaigning with an aim of prevention of and education on the trafficking in women • Promoting universal human rights • Encouraging women to start organizations in Serbia as well as in the region