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Fostering Independence

Vita Nova Independent Living Services (VNILS) provides independent living programming for all youth in the foster care system ages 16-23. The programming can be split into two distinct groups.

Services for Youth Aged 16-18

For youth aged 16-18 the preparation for adulthood takes on critical importance. Meetings are held with each youth at frequent intervals. Each youth is provided services in three critical areas; education, vocational training, and life skills. These services are intended to provide each youth with experiential skills needed during this time as they directly prepare for adulating and aging out of the foster care system. Services will be broken down into the same service groups as mentioned before; Education, Vocational Training, and Life Skills Training:

1. Education
A meeting is held every six months with each client highlighting career and goal planning. Further a monthly check makes sure the student is on track with grades, attendance, and performance. As these youth are moving deeper into their educational goals, field trips and tours are provided with the intention of providing the youth insight into their goals so that they can properly map out their future.

2. Vocational Training
One of the major problems for youth aging out of the foster care system is a deficiency in soft employability skills. VNILS tackles this deficiency by incorporating important vocational skills into the life skills curriculum.

Also VNILS organizes the Vita Nova Vocational Camp. This Vocational Camp incorporates the Florida Ready to Work online curriculum with an experiential work placement either at the Vita Nova Thrift Store or with local business partners. At the end of this curriculum the youth have the opportunity to earn a work readiness certificate. The certificate is recognized throughout the state of Florida and can aide them when seeking employment in the future. At age 15 the youth will be introduced to the online curriculum and at ages 16 and 17 the youth have the opportunity to begin at a work placement.

3. Life Skills
Five core life skills area form the curriculum, financial literacy, social/emotional health, vocational training, educational planning, and health & wellness. Within the curriculum outline important needs are addressed such as; banking and budgeting, interviewing skills, parenting skills, time management, organizational skills, educational support, employment training, and information on community resources, including SSI benefits as well as public assistance.