Local Routes Foundation

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About Us

The Local Routes Foundation is a partner in the production of GeoTour regional sustainable tourism programs. We partner with regional stewardship organizations to design and implement ongoing programs for sustainable tourism around the world.

GeoTour is an awesome way for youth and young adults around the world to gain skills and experience working with a variety of stakeholder groups to create value locally. Local Routes connects GeoTour programs around the world and provides opportunities for program participants to directly participate in programs in the developed and developing worlds.

GeoTour is partnership model. Youth and young adults may serve in short term volunteer capacities in order gain the experience necessary to provide services to GeoTour programs around the world.  There is an international cooperative that is also a partner in the program. We work together in the partnership to find equitable and affordable solutions for sustainable development worldwide.

GeoTour programs are "the tip of the iceberg". GeoTour materials and media are now some of the first "tourism information" that you might encounter when you visit a new area. The public media is just one aspect of GeoTour, though. Underneath are a wide a variety of training and education and professional opportunities for youth and young adults. The programs provide ways and means for local communities to multiply the value that is in circulation in the local area, aiding with economic development and maintaining focus on continuously providing opportunities for youth and young adults and especial girls and women to serve in leadership and technical capacities to improve and build their local economics.

GeoTour is operated as a non-profit for-benefit program.. All revenues are directed towards the creation of public benefits including training and education for youth and young adults.