The Nafula Foundation

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About Us

The Nafula Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving vulnerable families and orphaned children living in the Western portion of Kenya.

Co-founded by 25-year-old graduate student Kathryn Nelson and Kenyan community leader Daniel Makecho, The Nafula Foundation works in the village of Chebukwa, near the larger city of Bungoma, Kenya. This village is deeply impoverished, lacking basic sanitation facilities, access to running water, electricity, housing or medical services.

Hundreds of orphaned children live in this area, many whose parents died of malaria and HIV/AIDS. Most children are unable to attend school due to lack of funds, creating a hopeless cycle of poverty and despair.

Since 2007, The Nafula Foundation has worked in Chebukwa village, implementing animal husbandry programs, a clean water initiative and health care projects.

Though we have a very small budget, we are continually looking to expand our programs and take on new volunteers locally, nationally and internationally.