Roads/Oasis Project

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About Us

The Roads/Oasis project (working title) is a new not-for-profit organization created by the strategic merger of two formerly independent not-for-profits, the Oasis Community Corporation and Roads to Success. The Oasis Community Corporation (OCC) was founded in 2001 to support children in their social, emotional and academic development by providing them with enriching, community-based after-school programs. OCC operates twelve after-school programs throughout New York City. Founded in 2005, Roads to Success (RTS) is a college and career guidance program that helps students in grades seven through twelve make a connection between school and their aspirations for adulthood. The program has been implemented in over 35 schools from New York City to West Virginia. The new organization will build on the brands and integrate the successful and innovative strategies of both organizations to leverage new opportunities and provide continuous services for children from elementary school through high school graduation. The organization’s budget is approximately $2.5 million dollars.

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