Mikel Weisser for US Congress

  • AZ


4490 sundown drive
left coast of AZ
United States

About Us

I am a long-time progressive/liberal activist turned political, now forming my 2nd campaign for US Congress for AZ CD4. In 2012, with no money and no staff, I came within 19 votes of winning my primary. This round I secured the support of my state Democratic party prior to launching my campaign; though it will still not be a "targeted race." Our organization is issues driven and involves volunteer efforts across a very large rural Congressional District (apx the sized of the state of Pennsylvania). I am a member of the state party, a state party progressive caucus, elected vice chair, my own county party's secretary, and attended this past year's DNC. The campaign grew out of our local Occupy movement in Kingman, AZ.; but the current cycle's campaign strategy involves campaign centers in Kingman, Yuma, Prescott, & most significantly, Phoenix.