The Center for What Works

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About Us

Mission: The Center for What Works (WhatWorks) improves social sector results through benchmarking for nonprofits, a strategy to facilitate outcomes measurement and reporting by linking nonprofits and funders through a common language.

The Center for What Works (WhatWorks) seeks to establish a space to discuss what really works in the nonprofit sector. We'd like to empower the sector to make better decisions and continuously improve by providing comparable outcomes frameworks and implementing tools for performance measurement.

We are currently focusing on youth tutoring/mentoring programs and performing arts programs. We encourage members of these communities to post comments and participate in a dialogue among nonprofits, funders, and other members of the WhatWorks community.

We are presently working on a five year strategic plan to take us through 2012. These are our three key strategic objectives:

1. Educate the nonprofit sector on performance measurement and benchmarking. 2. Create a common language for nonprofit program outcomes. 3. Facilitate the wide-spread evolution and usage of what works in outcome measurement.

We hope you'll play a role in this evolution!