Southern California Foster Family & Adoption Agency

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155 North Occidental Blvd
Los Angeles
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About Us

Southern California Foster Family & Adoption Agency's mission: to transform the daily lives of children and families in child welfare with innovative strategies and visionary policy reforms.

Southern California Foster Family & Adoption Agency, having merged with Child Welfare Initiative, is a leading nonprofit foster family, adoption, and advocacy organization working to improve the opportunities and life of children and families impacted by the child welfare system.  We provide homes for children from newborn to age 21 and serve as an educational and support resource for them and their families.  We embrace diversity and help children in foster care transition to productive and successful lives.  A beacon of best practices in the field, our work is based on proven and often innovative research.  The outcomes are transformative policies and programs that improve the daily lives of individual children in the system, locally and nationally.

In addition to providing foster care, SCFFAA is a state licensed, private non-profit adoption agency. We are committed to assisting caring and loving families who want to provide permanent, enduring and loving homes for children who need them. SCFFAA also performs home studies for private and international adoptions.