Triad Stage

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232 S. Elm Street
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About Us

Who We Are Triad Stage is guided by core values that inspire all aspects of its operations. These core values are a daily reminder to our entire company of why and how we produce theater for our community.

Triad Stage believes in… Excellence We strive for bold, daring excellence in all of our endeavors as we seek to create professional theater with regional and national impact.

Artistic Risk Striving to constantly challenge ourselves, we reserve the right to take artistic risks and make mistakes.

Community As individuals are united in their shared experience of the theatrical event, strangers become friends, common ground is discovered and dialogue begins. In imagining the lives of others, our capacity for empathy is strengthened.

Learning Theater is a valuable part of a lifetime of learning. Our work and the dialogue it creates should spark curiosity and inspire creative ways of thinking for our artists, staff and audience.

Inclusion Our community’s varied diversity must not only reflect itself in Triad Stage’s casting and staffing, but also in the selection of the stories we choose to tell.

Collaboration We celebrate and encourage an artistic process rooted in collaboration by creating an atmosphere where artists feel safe to question, experiment and grow. We seek to mirror this process in all aspects of our operations.

Rejuvenation We are committed to revitalizing downtown Greensboro by greatly enhancing the cultural life of the city through entertainment and by providing an economic impact benefiting other area businesses.

Partnerships We are committed to sharing resources, ideas and talent with other organizations to benefit the well being of our community.

A Southern Voice By placing the best of Southern writing in juxtaposition with classic and contemporary world drama, we foster a unique southern voice, allowing our audience the pride of saying, “This theater is ours.”

North Carolina We seek to play a leading role in the North Carolina arts community. We actively work to create an artistic home for artists with North Carolina connections and to provide a bridge to the profession for emerging artists.