Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce

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244 South San Pedro Street
Suite 200
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Since 1924, the members of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce have been leading the way to make Los Angeles better. Our members are comprised of young professionals, ages 21-40, who understand the importance of leveraging their membership for professional enrichment, leadership development and community service. A membership in the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce provides young professionals with a ready platform to power your future and the communities where they live and work.


  • LEAD. We believe that leaders of tomorrow are created today. The Junior Chamber offers young professionals with access to leadership development, community service and lifelong learning that prepare them to become better leaders.
  • ENGAGE. We believe that young professionals can best meet today’s economic, social and political challenges through active engagement. The Junior Chamber provides our members with the platform to learn about and directly engage on issues that are of importance to them.
  • DIVERSITY. We believe that the future of Los Angeles depends on embracing and celebrating diversity. The Junior Chamber is where the bridges of understanding between different generations and communities take place.
  • ONE VOICE. We believe that the power of a united voice can transform the world. Through the strength of membership, the Junior Chamber is where young professionals can become effective change agents and influence decision makers.