Vision for Women

About Us

Vision for Women is an indeginious Voluntary Organization focusing on the transformation of women ithrough their ambision for political transformation, national development, Protection on Gender Base Violence, Domestic Abuse, ICT Training and the right of a woman. we are a newly established oganization since 2008, superviced by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gendar and Children Affairs.

Our project for this year, looking at the issues of women and communication, which our community aware that women have traditionally placed themselves within the so-called braket as a second class citizen through women are acceptable in each and every society within the communities and as part of the home foundation. It is very seldom and rear to see and accept the of women by the male gender especially in Sierra Leone. It is of vital importance that specific provisions are in place to encourage male acceptance of the change they will have to face in the empowerment of women.

In that regards our drive to establish an educational media in the form of newspaper Called "Women's Watch" is of importance to maximize our audience mostly women in the community.