Birmingham and Black Country Community Foundation

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Nechells Baths
Nechells Park Road
B7 5PD
United Kingdom

About Us

We work to help local people find local solutions to local problems; targeting grants that make a difference to the lives of people in Birmingham and the Black Country and manage funds donated by individuals and organisations, building endowment and acting as the vital link between local donors and local needs.

On average, we support more than 700 voluntary and community projects each year, reaching young and old alike; the diversity of those we assist is great and includes community centres, stroke victim support, sports clubs, theatre groups, recycling schemes, youth clubs, orchestras, exercise classes for the elderly and after school clubs, to name but a few... we are rightfully proud of what is being achieved by the communities we support!

Our two broad purposes are:

  • To work with the community supporting local voluntary and community activity through a programme of constructive grant making and capacity building; we are able to award grants to grassroots groups that do not have charitable status, but do make a local impact.
  • To work with local donors by pooling the donations of philanthropically minded individuals and community-minded companies into an Endowment Fund; providing a permanent and growing fund for activites that strengthen communities today and in perpetuity.