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About Us

Global Links is a Pittsburgh-based medical relief and development organization dedicated to a two-fold mission of environmental stewardship and improving health in developing countries. Global Links collaborates with U.S. hospitals to redirect still useful materials away from the waste stream to public health improvement efforts in targeted countries throughout the hemisphere.

Global Links achieves this mission by:

1. Focusing on Recovery from Hospitals - Global Links recovers over 200 tons of medical materials a year that otherwise would have ended up in landfills or incinerators.

2. Building Close Relationships to Ensure Greatest Impact – Global Links has cultivated long-term relationships with the World Health Organization as well as ministries of health and hospitals and clinics in Bolivia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica and Nicaragua.

3. Involving the Pittsburgh Community – Global Links receives donations of medical supplies from all of the major hospitals in the Pittsburgh area. Our organization has also developed a vibrant and growing volunteer program, with 1,600 volunteers serving more than 6,000 hours in 2008. Individuals also donate approved medical supplies from their homes such as crutches, walkers and wheelchairs.

Global Links programs include:

• Country Programs – Recipient institutions in our nine focus countries receive 40-foot sea containers of carefully selected medical supplies chosen to meet their specific needs.

• Suture Donation Program – Recipient hospitals around the world receive an annual allotment of suture,a critical medical supply that is all too often lacking in hospitals. We are the only recovery organization with a dedicated suture program in the United States.

• Mission/Service Trip Programs - Global Links fulfills requests for medical supplies from individuals, organizations or institutions in the Pittsburgh area who travel to developing countries to provide medical assistance.