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About Us

The Division of Graduate Medical Sciences at Boston University School of Medicine is a recognized leader in research and graduate education in the biomedical sciences. The school has about 900 graduate students from 40 states and 12 countries. The division offers 3 pathways for students to pursue their academic and professional goals. The first pathway, "Professional Masters," is a distinct group of medical and health-related programs to prepare students for direct entry into the workforce or for further graduate study. The programs include Bioimaging, Biomedical Forensic Sciences, Clinical Investigation, Forensic Anthropology, Genetic Counseling, Healthcare Emergency Management, Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice, Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine and Nutrition & Metabolism.

The second pathway, MS in Medical Sciences and MS in Oral Health Sciences (OHS), introduces students to a broad range of topics in the medical and oral health sciences while strengthening academic credentials for admission to medical, dental, or professional schools.

The final pathway, "PhD Programs," provides 4 options for PhD study. The first is the Program in Biomedical Sciences, also known as "PiBS", is an interdisciplinary PhD program which integrates the foundations of biomedical research with focused investigation and preparation for career advancement. The second option is department-based PhD programs, in which students focus on a particular scientific disciplines. The third option is a university-wide PhD program in Neuroscience that unites graduate training faculty members from Boston University's 2 campuses. Finally, the MD-PhD program balances both clinical and scientific training to develop exceptional physician scientists.