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About Us

OUR MISSION: Latinitas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of Latina youth through media.

OUR VISION is to provide a forum where Latina youth have a voice; to foster positive self-images and empower Latina girls to accept and appreciate themselves; to inspire young latinas to be strong, smart, successful, and most importantly themselves; to encourage cultural awareness and pride.

OUR MAGAZINE: To this end, we provide an empowering online magazine ( focused on informing, entertaining, and inspiring young Latinas to grow into healthy, confident, and successful Latinas. Our intention is to encourage an audience of girls to do for themselves, offering methods on seeking out success. Our bilingual webzine strives to shatter gender and racial stereotypes, challenge Latinitas to be their best, offer the needed information to help Latinitas, and motivate girls to have their voices heard. We achieve this goal by providing resources that empower girls.

OUR OUTREACH PROGRAMS: In addition to publishing a webzine by and for Latina girls, we provide educational opportunities to empower girls to express themselves.

CLUB LATINITAS an educational after-school newsroom at Martin Middle School where girls learn the fundamentals of journalism through exciting hands-on activities.

YOUTH WORKSHOPS a collaborative program held in partnership with local youth groups to offer girls an opportunity to participate in fun and engaging media lessons designed to develop skills and spark interest.

SUMMER CAMPS an intensive series of lessons aimed at helping students build confidence while developing their own media projects.

TEEN REPORTER INTERN PROGRAM a journalism mentorship program where Latina high-school students are mentored and guided by experienced journalists.

COLLEGE INTERNSHIPS a service learning opportunity for college students to gain real-life career experience in various aspects of working with a non-profit media organization.