University of Jordan School of International Studies and Political Science

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About Us

The School of International Studies and Political Science (SISPS) is the only specialized school of politics and international affairs in Jordan that provides quality education and training on the myriad of fields in international affairs and political sciences in the English language. It was established in 2008 to meet the increasing demands of students for knowledge in Political Science and International Relations.

In line with the vision and the strategic plan of the University of Jordan, SISPS offers education and training for both undergraduate and graduate students on a wide range of paradigms and diverse theoretical, philosophical and methodological approaches to the social sciences and political research.

Since its establishment, the School of International Studies and Political Science has implemented its vision of interacting and establishing wide connections with diverse international counterparts. The School has signed more than a hundred agreements and MOU’s with several similar institutions located in all areas of the globe with the purpose of internationalizing SISPS as the University of Jordan as a whole. SISPS is distinguished for the unique educational and research environment it provides.

It incorporates a tradition of expertise with a broad range of research fields under the umbrella of political science. These fields include international relations, conflict resolution, diplomacy, human rights, international development, political economy, Middle Eastern studies, and American studies, among others.

The focus of this School is to deliver a high caliber education and academic training with the aim of graduating skilled and universal individuals who appreciate and promote cultural diversity, and who are able to utilize and employ what they learn in the labor market whether it be a governmental institution, an international NGO, or a local or international corporate firm. Through its multidisciplinary approach to political science and international studies, SISPS provides programs that are not limited to a certain line of thought, but instead are presented in an interdisciplinary manner that ensures a comprehensive understanding of all the subsidiary fields of study within each program. The diverse expertise of the faculties comprising an open-minded, multicultural environment qualifies SISPS to be a first-rate academic and research hub, contributing to the scholarly and intellectual advancement of the country, region, and the world.