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P.O. Box 10014
Dar es Salaam


About Us

Action for Relief and Development Assistance (AFREDA) is a Tanzanian, National, Non-Governmental and not-for-profit Organization founded in 1990, whose purpose is to promote the wellbeing of disadvantaged women, disadvantaged men and disadvantaged children in Tanzania, through integrated community based empowerment programs.

AFREDA’s main objectives are to empower women; support the rights, health, education, and social wellbeing of children and youth; assist people living with HIV/AIDS; promote civil society; improve agricultural productivity; enhance community health; build peace, reconciliation, democracy and governance; and respond to special needs.

AFREDA’s main beneficiaries are poor women and their families, people living with HIV/AIDS; orphans, vulnerable, disabled and street children; child laborers; girls; households taking care of HIV/AIDS orphans, farmers, and civil society organization leaders and staff.

The organization is based in the Tanzanian commercial capital of Dar es Salaam; however, for the past 20

years the organization has been implementing projects in the most marginalized communities in Tanzania, including those far away from the commercial capital. AFREDA currently has six field offices throughout the country in Kagera, Mara, Tanga, Lindi, Morogoro and Pwani regions and has also worked in the regions of Kilimanjaro, Rukwa, Tabora, and Zanzibar.