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ABOUT US Philanthropy Host Family Service (PHFS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation through which volunteers provide direct service to communities, disadvantaged women, children and all people in need so as to help them become self-sufficient.

PHFS volunteers have a choice of living with one another in a community setting or with host families. Our programs are year round, generally lasting 3 to 4 weeks with longer stays possible.

PHFS programs are designed to bring volunteers of all ages together from different backgrounds, placing them in the community and enabling them to respect and learn about each other’s culture and share their experiences.

LEGAL STATUS PHFS is incorporated as a non-profit and non-governmental organisation under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) with Registration Number G 3,058. In addition, PHFS is recognised by the Department of Social/Welfare with Registration Number D.S.W/1406.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Poverty, due to lack of access to materials, funds, organisation and training, ignorance and moral decadence is destroying the fabric of life in our society. Under these circumstances many people cannot properly feed their children nor afford good education for them and many women are marginalized in the society. PHFS therefore hopes to organise the disadvantaged, deprived and marginalized in rural and urban communities to use local resources (land, local materials and their own labour) to improve their living conditions while ensuring that the environment is not compromised.

Volunteer Opportunities/Projects 1. HIV/AIDS/Health 2. Constructional Workcamps 3. Youth Camp 4. Women projects - Co-operative - Micro-credit - Sustainable Agriculture - Skills upgrading 5. Environmental



NATURE: HIV/AIDS PEER EDUCATORS TRAINING/EDUCATION WORK: The aim of this program is to train the youth, women and men on HIV/AIDS issues which will equip them to go out and educate their peers. The program will be in two stages; the first stage will be one week training for 50 volunteer educators and 50 counsellors who will serve as peer educators and counsellor in 8 communities in the Ho District. After the training sessions, the peer educators/counsellors together with other foreign volunteers will go to the 8 communities and educate the people on the HIV/AIDS menace and counsel them on voluntary testing.

The volunteers who will be put in 10 groups will carry out their education in houses, schools, and meet identifiable groups. Location: Alavanyo-Dzogbedze, Deme, Agome, Kpeme etc.

PROGRAM: PHFS/35 HIV/AIDS: DATE: 14th FEB.-12th March 2005 NATURE: SENSITISATION WORKSHOP ON HIV/AIDS WORK: HIV/AIDS Educators will serve as resource persons at sensitisation workshop on HIV/AIDS for commercial truck drivers, traders and uniformed security personnel at three border towns Wli, Likpe, Old Ayoma, (Ghana-Togo border).

Besides the two HIV/AIDS programs (PHFS/34 & 35 HIV/AIDS) There are other programs on HIV/AIDS being organised by Philanthropy Host Family Service and Ghana AIDS Commission. Volunteers interested in HIV/AIDS should contact PHFS Office for detailed information. Location: Hohoe District.

PROGRAM: PHFS/36TH CONS DATE: 21st MAY – 10TH JUNE 2005 NATURE: CONSTRUCTION OF WORKSHOP WORK: Volunteers will work on the construction of a workshop for three Women Cooperative groups at Alavanyo Dzogbedze. The workshop when completed will serve Dressmakers, Batik Tie & Dye makers and Bread makers Women Co-operatives. The workshop will also serve as meeting place for the members of PHFS/Africa Alive Women Micro-Credit Groups. The work will involve all the components of constructional work. LOCATION: ALAVANYO – DZOGBEDZE

SIDE ATTRACTION: Different drumming groups will entertain the volunteers in the evenings. In addition volunteers will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls (5miles away) and Wli Waterfalls (15 miles away) – the highest waterfalls in West Africa

We also invite volunteers to provide general office support. Any of the following skills are valuable Computer Knowledge, Website Familiarity, Writing Skills, Research Techniques and Skills Training.

Volunteers who have interest or experience in project management, administration, public health, nutrition, nursing, agriculture, community development, cooperative development,Women Emporwerment could also apply.

We Care About Our World And Want To Work Together


ABOUT US Philanthropy Host Family Service (PHFS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation through which volunteers provide direct service to communities, disadvantaged women, children…

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