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1231 4th Street
Santa Monica
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About Us

Naam Yoga LA®  is a 501 (c)3 non-profit global center for spiritual and physical wellness supporting people to balance the mind-body-spirit connection so that they can improve their lives and heal themselves. It is a complete approach to personal mind-body wellness and universal consciousness. Naam Yoga merges the precise science of breath, sound, movement, and mudra therapy (hand postures) with the practical application of sacred wisdom, Universal Kabbalah (or you could say with the practical application of the laws of nature and the science of timing) for total wellbeing. Anyone can do it!

From 2012 to 2015, Naam Yoga® LA and the Giving Naam Program has provided over 1,500 Naam Yoga Therapies Community and Outreach Classes and has served over 12,000 souls in and around Los Angeles doubling in number since 2013. These classes provided personalized care and vital healing to individuals affected by Cancer, Autism/ASD, Diabetes and health concerns related to the brain, heart, thyroid as well as the glandular, digestive, and nervous systems. These classes also include Shakti Naam Yoga, an ancient and deeply healing yogic practice that is an intrinsic part of all Naam Yoga Therapies classes and the Giving Naam mission.