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About Us

The purpose of Tribunocracy it to make government better by improving the present election process and reducing the:* Corrupting role of money

  • Candidates and elected officials need to raise money
  • Voters limited exposure to objective facts
  • Effects of extremist media on voters

Today elections determined by vote are the equivalent of verdicts rendered by a jury that does not meet or attend a trial. Our present system for practicing democracy might be described as: “Mobocracy”. The world needs better government making better decisions.

Tribunocracy is a new form of democratic voting that provides more informed and studied public participation in elections and referendum. It reduces the corruption and distraction caused by the candidate's need to raise massive amounts of money. Tribunocracy increases citizen power and control of the political process. Tribunes attend a Tribunal convention prior to voting. Therefor they are exposed to more facts and information on which to base their decisions than most voter’s have today. Because Tribunes are each given direct exposure to the candidates and facts. Like jurors in a trial the small number of Tribunes empowers them to take their responsibility seriously. Tribunes have protected and focused time to consider and discus the issues. Tribunocracy will elevate voter informed and studied decision making.

Tribunocracy utilizes Tribunes randomly selected from all the willing eligible potential voters. Like jurors in a Court Trial the selected Tribunes attend a public trial-like Tribunal Convention before voting. The majority vote of the Tribunes is a proxy for the majority vote of the entire pool of eligible voters from whom they were selected. Like jurors, Tribunes serve only briefly, are dismissed after voting and retain not special power.

The problems and complexities of the modern world are not best solved by a mob.Tribunocracy provides election verdicts rendered by public Tribunal Convention not a verdict rendered by a mob.