Calling All Crows

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About Us

Mission: Calling All Crows (CAC) partners with musicians and fans to create change through hands-on service and activism focusing on women's rights.

Vision:Calling All Crows works for a future where the success of live music is not only measured by ticket sales, but by the impact of fans and musicians mobilizing together to make a difference in the world.

History/Overview: Founded in 2008 by Chadwick Stokes and Sybil Gallagher, Calling All Crows has raised over $550,000 to support national and international non-profit organizations, and invested more than 30,000 hours of service in local communities across North America and Europe.

Through pre-show service projects, Alternative Break Tours, music events, and concert outreach activities, we raise awareness and take action to address social issues affecting women. Our collective efforts have created a community of empowered and engaged music fans for the common good.

Though Calling All Crows has focused on a variety of social issues including education, marriage equality, women’s empowerment, hunger, the environment, and abolition of the death penalty, its current focus in on women’s rights. Though women enjoy many freedoms in the U.S., this isn’t the case for many women and girls around the world. CAC strives to raise awareness, provide opportunities to take action and get involved, and collectively work for gender equity.