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About Us

HELP NEPAL Network is a UK-based charity established in 1999 by a group of young Nepalese in the UK as HELP: ONE POUND A MONTH FUND FOR NEPAL" with the aim of encouraging Nepalese living abroad to contribute to their homeland and providing assistance in the fields of health and education in Nepal.

The launch of HELP NEPAL Network is an effort to demonstrate how every Nepali, especially those residing abroad, and other interested in the country can make a difference in the lives of many in Nepal with a regular contribution. It is also realisation of the fact that besides being in a privileged position compared to that of most fellow citizens, we are not doing anything substantial to help the country of our birth, while many non-Nepalese are engaged in various social works in Nepal and all non-Governmental Organisation in the country are also being financed by foreign donors. In such a situation we thought it would be only appropriate to encourage Nepalese to contribute to Nepal as much as they can, instead of again looking for foreign donors. Hence, our main focus will be on raising funds from Nepalese throughout the world, though we will warmly welcome any help and donation from other communities.