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About Us

BEPPU PROJECT is a non-profit organization related to the art sector based in Beppu (Oita prefecture, Kyushu - South Japan,) known as one of the world's greatest hot spring areas.

Part of an international network, BEPPU PROJECT develops a new system at a local scale through the art and creativity.

Founded in April 2005, BEPPU PROJECT is running two large-scale events: an art triennale taking place in the city called the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival, 'Mixed Bathing World' (2009, 2012). The other one is the “Kunisaki Art Project” (2012, 2014) which has been unfold in further areas, into the wide and natural area, called Kunisaki.

Along the years, before hitting the climax of these festivals, BEPPU PROJECT has implemented an International Artist in Residence and other residence programs for creators to stimulate the artistic hub in Beppu city. Therefore BEPPU PROJECT has developed a constellation-like artistic infrastructures spread all over the city. This physical presence in the city is a way to connect strongly with the community and to invite people to step into the art, for example during the “Beppu Art Month”, a time for everyone to express its own creativity. BEPPU PROJECT works also in the educational field, with the “Artist in School” program, to introduce diverse sensitivities into someone's life from the very first age.

Besides, BEPPU PROJECT is leading a major key point in the change of the society: in partnership with local shops and business, BEPPU PROJECT acts directly on the delopment of the economic activity or reinvent a new one by attracting new audiences, designing new products, creating new promotion ideas.

The aim of BEPPU PROJECT is the revitalization of urban centre and rural areas and the development of the imagination, introducting, fostering and supporting the artists and the creation.