African Rights Initiative International

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About Us


ARII is a non-profit, non-governmental African humanitarian network responsible for promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood in Africa and beyond. ARII works with women and children, families and their communities by tackling poverty in all its forms.

We seek opportunity for all men; especially, children and women; to level the playing fields and to create a better platform for their development. We share in the belief that “global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once the entire world’s people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families”.

What We Do

  • Help a rural poor or street child get back to school or learn a trade
  • Provide support for women living in the most disadvantaged communities in Africa for sustainable livelihood
  • Provide financial aid, entrepreneurial training, rights awareness and leadership education.
  • Initiate and support community development projects for improved standard of living

We work in ensuring that all citizens, especially, children with the families and people living in disadvantaged communities have access to equal protection under law and equal opportunity to develop and to exercise the privileges of citizenship in order to participate fully and meaningfully in national life, irrespective of race, religion, sex, or other characteristics unrelated to the worth of the individual.