Working Assumptions Foundation

  • California


1700 Shattuck Avenue
United States

About Us

Working Assumptions, a private operating foundation located in Berkeley, CA, explores through the arts how humanity is reflected in daily routines—work, play, service, and family—where we connect with others, share common ground, and are open to transformative change. Building on the success of their first project, Game Face: What Does a Female Athlete Look Like? the foundation is now rolling out their newest project, Showing: (work x family), a look at the intersection of family life and work life in the United States today. Working Assumptions encourages photographers, artists, students and other creative people to examine the push and pull of the assumptions at work in the fabric of our daily lives through commissions, grants and learning programs. Working Assumptions intentionally seeks broad and diverse audiences for this work, placing installations in unexpected and non-traditional venues, in addition to gallery settings.