Kidzeum of Health and Science

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About Us

The case for a children's museum like the Kidzeum of Health and Science in our community is staggering. There are so many benefits to the visitors who will learn and be inspired by the concepts and engagements offered at Kidzeum, as well as to the surrounding businesses and residents.

The vision of the Kidzeum of Health and Science is to establish the premier children's museum in Illinois dedicated to teaching children about health and science through discovery and play. Kidzeum is committed to nurturing health and wellness, promoting science education, and to developing environmental and global awareness through innovative programs and exhibits.

Creatively designed with a focus on fun and learning, Kidzeum will be a two-story, 15,000-square-feet structure in Edwin Watts Southwind Park (located off the Toronto Road exit on I-55) in Springfield, Illinois. Kidzeum will feature hands-on exhibits, as well as inquisitive and entertaining programs to meet the needs of ALL children, including those with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities. Kidzeum will house four main galleries, including:

• Healthy Body

• Healthy Community

• Healthy Earth

• Healthy Environment