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About Us: WaterWideWeb.org is a website that publishes articles on relevant issues related to water. Publications on WaterWideWeb.org feature stories on developments in science, the political implications of water disputes and the influence of water on the world’s cultures. WaterWideWeb.org is dedicated to researching and writing articles on the undeniable truth that the world currently faces---we are running out of water. Articles on WaterWideWeb.org are comprised of interviews with experts on water-related issues. We are committed to delivering bi-partisan reports on current events in the water world. WaterWideWeb.org is not affiliated with any governmental or religious organization.

Mission Statement: *To promote the responsible use of water

  • To educate and advocate for the ecological integrity of our water
  • To enlist global citizens in protecting and restoring the quality of our water.
  • To support activities that fosters the right to fresh, abundant water for each and every individual.