Jessie Lu Caples Stamps Development Arts Center

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3900 95th Street
Suite 205
Evergreen Park
United States

About Us

The Jessie Lu Caples Stamps Development Arts Center(JLCSDAC) is a new and innovative non-profit organization that seeks to nurture and foster the God given creativity and talents of youth ranging from ages 5-17 years. The staff seeks to provide resources and opportunities to train children in depth about all aspects of their specified art form. The staff consists of volunteer workers experienced in various art forms to guide young people along their paths to artistic success. JLCDAC seeks to approach all classes and curriculum holistically, emphasizing the importance of the overall health of the physical body to enhance performance quality.

Do you love teaching children? Are you ready to make a difference in your community? Would you like to share your gifts and talents with an eager youth? JLCSDC is currently offering part time teaching internships in the areas of drama, acting, theater, spoken word, song, etc.

We are in need of students and professional adults that are willing to volunteer their expertise and skills towards teaching underrepresented youth various art forms. Interested students should with the subject "Performing Arts Volunteer".

Thank you for your interest!