Ex Felon Association, Inc

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About Us

The Ex Felon Association distinguish the difference between someone who is a felon and someone who is a

Ex Felon.

1. A Ex-Felon is one who embraces his mistakes and has learned that the price of re-
committing a crime is not worth losing the opportunity to raise his or her children or their

personal freedom. The Ex-Felon understands that his debt to society is ongoing and a

continuous dedication to being a good model citizen, working to find ways to make their

experience meaningful by finding ways to make the community safer and by strengthening

their family bonds.

2. A felon is someone who will continue to raise the recidivism rate by continually finding

ways to avoid detection of further crimes because they see no other way. The Felon does not

feel like, or want to be a contributing part of the community – promoting violence and

disregard for public welfare.

The Ex-Felon Association is working hard to raise the perception and expectation of those who

struggle every day to get past a felony conviction and re-enter society as hardworking,

accountable citizens. We are calling on society to change their perception towards those who

have made mistakes and are willing to change. Everyone has made a bad decision at some point

in their life, some of us had the misfortune of making mistakes that cost us more dearly.

Society must recognize they are not exempt from this title Felon. All it takes is one small lapse

in judgment or to be in the wrong place at the right time, to be labeled a Felon. We want to

open society’s eyes to those who have worked to be changed and want to give back.

The title Ex-felon should be one of merit and we are working towards getting public and official

recognition of this title through advocacy, activism and educational training of our members.

We know that the recognition of the difference between the title felon and ex-felon is crucial.

We hope to help those who have earned it. We will help give them real opportunities to things

like housing in decent neighborhoods, to a job to provide for their families, licensing to start

their own businesses in certain industries or keep them if they are in danger of losing it, and the

right to vote in certain situations.

As a society we need to receive from those who are most passionate about giving and accept

the value that they can bring.