Foundation for Puerto Rico

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About Us

Foundation for Puerto Rico is a different kind of foundation, because we believe in catalytic philanthropy, we are not a charity. We want to serve as a catalyst for Puerto Rico’s transformation into a vibrant society and economy by driving entrepreneurship and innovation. We envision a prosperous Puerto Rico that realizes its untapped social and economic potential by leveraging the talent, creativity, tenacity, commitment and passion of its people.

“We like to help things happen, happen faster, happen bigger, happen better.”

Our purpose is to discover, link and unleash Puerto Rico’s potential as an active participant in the global economy.

What we do:

These are our Action Platforms, we believe these areas hold the key to accelerating economic development in Puerto Rico.

  • Entrepreneurial Engagement and Exports
  • Public Sector Innovation
  • Human Capital
  • Social Innovation
  • Economic Analysis
  • Communication, Participation, and Movement Building
  • Access to Capital