Give Back to the Children Project

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San Luis Obispo

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About Us

Give Back to the Children Project is a non-profit organization founded by students at Califiornia Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California in the fall of 2007. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining modern educational facilities which are free of charge for children in less developed countries with a focus on personalized and individual instruction. We are currently operating this project with a staff composed completely by unpaid, volunteers. One hundred percent of any donations at this time will go directly to developing our first center in Sierra Leone. Once completed, educational attention at the center will be directed at computer proficiency, literacy, and health awareness through a variety of projects intended to achieve the ultimate goal of supporting the empowerment of youth in developing countries and to bridge the digital and educational divide between less developed and more developed countries. The purpose is to provide the tools to these children so that they may gain access to and comprehend the information regarding present issues and to subsequently encourage active participation in their communities and in the world. Access to such tools and information should not be viewed as a luxury. This is the manner in which the world communicates and everyone is entitled to that ability. This project provides the possibility to give back to others the opportunities you were fortunate enough to receive.