Pinchot Institute for Conservation

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About Us

The Pinchot Institute for Conservation strengthens forest conservation by advancing sustainable forest management, developing conservation leaders, and providing science-based solutions to emerging natural resource issues.

The Pinchot Institute is a recognized leader in forest conservation thought, policy and action that was dedicated in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy at Grey Towers National Historic Landmark (Milford, PA).

The Institute furthers Gifford Pinchot’s ideals for sustainable forest management through its collaborations with diverse Americans. Through its independent policy research and analysis and technical assistance, the Institute produces science-based solutions to emerging issues that affect national-level conservation policies and the management of our national forests and other natural resources.

The Pinchot Institute annually provides professional development training for conservation leaders; convenes and facilitates meetings, workshops and symposia; and produces publications to educate the public on the importance of natural resources conservation.

Each year, its objectives (policy research and analysis, convening and facilitation, and developing conservation leaders) are realized annually through its core programs.

The result of projects within these program areas ensure that all America's people can conserve its natural resources for future generations, as well as enjoy cleaner air and water; more opportunities for outdoor recreation; greater supplies of high-quality, yet affordable, fish and timber; and varied opportunities to enhance their communities' economic development.