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Isano Organization is a local non-profit organization which strengthens and empowers local communities to protect children facing the gravest drogue through social, educational and business programs. Our programs protect vulnerable children and young people and equip them with the skills, knowledge and capacity, means for a better life through education and psycho-social support in order to become active agents of change within their own communities. The Isano Organization provides family support group, parent/teen groups, parent education programs and other services that aim to prevent the use of drogue among children and reintegrate them in their families. The organization believes that by reaching teenagers on the street can help them to go back in their familiesin peaceful ways.

ISANO Organization (I.O) was created by youth in 2011, and is legally operating in Rwanda I.O is in accord with the law No 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 on registered number: No236/RGB/NGO/LP/06/2018 that governs the functioning of the National NGOs in Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). The idea of creating ISANO Organization was the result of our history and the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. Now days vulnerable and street Children run away or are forced to leave homes where they suffer poverty, violence, abuse, neglect, etc... They find themselves living on the streets and use of drogues because there is nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to. We work to reach children as soon as they arrive on the streets and intervene before an abuser can.

Our work stated in Kigali where Vulnerable children alone are frequently regarded by society as a nuisance that must be tolerated - a 'problem' rather than vulnerable children who desperately need help and support. Many are treated as criminals and locked up with adults, where they are subjected to further violence and sexual abuse.

The Law N. 54/2011 relating to the Rights and Protection of the Child was signed by His Excellency Paul Kagame, The President of the Republic, on 14th December 2011. The law identifies the rights and responsibilities of families, children, NGOs and the Government regarding the rights and protection of children. It provides for a system of alternative care including kinship care, foster care, and adoption and provides for family supports to prevent unnecessary out of home placement


To sustain Rwandans youth welfare


A world where no child ever has to live in miserable life and change their lives for good in every sense

OUR MAIN OBJECTIVES                                                        

1. To take care of vulnerable families.

2. Fight against Drug abuse and to focus on the children right.

3. To emphasis children the welfare of studying and the culture of reading.

4. To mobilize of Rwandan people the protection and conservation of environment.

5. To take care of the handicaps and families live with HIV/AIDS.

6. to fight against inequality and the conflicts in Rwandan society.


·        Promote positive Rwandan social values that encourage all Rwandans and their communities to take responsibility for vulnerable children

·        Transform Rwanda’s current child care and protection system into a familybased, family-strengthening system whose resources (both human and financial) are primarily targeted at supporting vulnerable families to remain together.

·        To change the way children are perceived by communities and governments, as well helping children who are currently in desperate need.

·        To advocate for children rights and teaching the children the Gospel.

·        Empowering children and youth with necessary skills that enable them to positively participate towards fostering fighting against Drugs and Alcohols among them


ISANO Organization believes in the values of Respect for Diversity, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Teamwork, and Excellence.

By Respect for Diversity we mean: We are all equal human beings worthy of dignity and therefore we should respect our differences and embrace diversity

By Integrity we mean: We will be truthful and honest in everything that we do and in working with stakeholders

By Passion we mean: We are committed to the work that we do

By Innovation we mean: We are inspired to find new approaches to empower youth and citizens

By Teamwork we mean: Unity of purpose in the organization

By Excellence we mean: We strive to deliver quality services and products to all of our stakeholders



·        Experiences sharing

·        Plenary and group discussions

·        Role plays

·        Counseling methods,

·        Play therapy,

·        Ergo therapy and testimonies Reading case studies and discussions around them



·        At ISANO Organization, we see ourselves as warriors, united in changing the long-term future for vulnerable children and youth using drogues and who are at risk on the streets.

·        Our passion and values underpin everything we do. They unite us and provide the energy and optimism that drives us to work harder and harder for the children and young people we are privileged to help.

·        We will never stop fighting for vulnerable and street children. It’s all we do. It’s all we’ll keep doing.


·        Justice: Ensuring vulnerable children are protected and have access to the fair and compassionate justice they deserve.

·         Education: Helping children access a quality education or training so they have the tools to rebuild their own lives.

·         Inclusion: Ensuring that the most vulnerable children aren’t forgotten and can be active members of their community.


1.     Street Level

At street level we work to meet the immediate needs of children and youth at risk with drogues and with children on the streets right now. Our outreach workers spend time with children who use drogues and street children urging them to consider a life away from the drogues and street, and providing a safe place to stay while we work out the best long-term solution for their individual circumstances. Where we can, we work to reunite children with their families, but sometimes that’s not possible and we need other solutions. (We thought Street Association project)

2.      Community Level

At community level we strive to make children and youth on the streets visible to society and to help people understand the issues that cause children to run away and that face them on the streets. Our initiatives help the wider community to see children on the streets in Rwanda as vulnerable and in need of help, rather than the common perception of them as a troublemakers and criminals. I want to know how to read, write, count and to be a recognized business man with a good and respectable family.

3.     Government level

At government level we are working locally to help under-resourced government departments create the structures that are needed to protect children on the streets. Laws and policies are in place, but the knowledge, skills and resources aren’t there locally to ensure the law is adhered to and bring policies to life.


·        Advocacy: We conduct advocacy to influence planning and policy making decisions by community leaders. The advocacy will be evidence based, as ISANO Organization seeks to advocate for citizens’ concerns.

·        Our Humanitarian Work

·        National Campaign against drogues

·        Health

·        Education

·        Child Protection

·        Child Rights Governance

OUR BOUNDARY PARTNERS are: Children, Youth, Citizens, Donors, Staff, Academia, Media, Government, Private Sector, and ISANO Organization Board.


In the five years from 2018-2021 ISANO Organization will focus on the following main strategies:

·        Child Rights Education: Child Rights education will be used to teach and socialize Children and Youth about danger Their Rights.

·        Advocacy: Advocacy will be conducted to influence planning and policy making decisions by community leaders. The advocacy will be evidence based, as I.O seeks to advocate for children concerns. Various platforms and approaches will be utilized.

·        Partnerships: In order for Isano Organization to reach a wider population and have a sustainable impact among the beneficiaries, I.O will build partnerships with peacebuilding organizations, private sector, government, individuals and other civil society organizations in order to tackle poverty, human and child rights issues,

·        Volunteerism: I.O will work with volunteers to implement programs. This will encourage participation of children in I.O programs and activities. This will also build the skills of young people in the areas of Human Rights, economic empowerment and training and child mentorship.

·        Networks: I.O will build local, regional and international networks to enhance the organization’s visibility. I.O will build upon the Rehabilitation centers to facilitate development of a national network.

·        Participatory Theatre: Through performances of various issues facing our society child will be motivated to share their experiences since they identify with most of those issues. However, the performances don’t only showcase issues in the society, but also propose solutions.

·        CINEDUC: Education through cinema will be used with children and youth in school as a tool to promote dialogue, triggering discussions on various family related topics.

·        Psychosocial Support: I.O will conduct psychosocial support groups to provide children and youth with the therapy and psychological tools necessary to heal from the scars which remain from the genocide.


The following are the crosscutting issues that I.O will consider in program design and implementation:

1. Gender

Women constitute 51.8% of the population of Rwanda.4 Rwanda has made strides in promoting gender equality. Rwanda is ranked number one in the world in terms of women representation in Parliament at 64%. I.O will mainstream gender at all levels to ensure that women are included and fully participate in programs at both the local and community level. I.O will develop a gender policy to promote inclusion of women and girls.

2. Children

According to the last statistical data of 2002, Rwanda has an estimated population of eight million, of whom more than half (52%) are children. Within this population under 18 years, there are 15,502 child-headed households and 28,479 woman-headed households. Among married adolescents (5016), 533 are divorced or separated and 802 girls are widows. About 80% of children have attended school, but dropout rate remains rather high and increases sharply with age.

Executive function

The Chief Executive Office of Isano Organization is responsible for all its daily activities. Is the one who is daily in charge of administrative affairs including seeking for partners and activities and programs implementation both in collaboration with other stakeholders, overseeing the organization’s work plan, promote close links with the existing partners and striving for getting others.

Its office coordinates a technical team intending to raise global awareness about the contribution of Isano Organization in improvement of living conditions of the whole population in general with a particular attention to vulnerable youth and Children, families through capacity building that leads to creation of new jobs and supporting in their studies.


The approaches that used by Isano Organization in implementation of its programs and activities referring to public policies; they consist in working hand in hand with beneficiaries and other stakeholders since the starting point, conduct research and survey before each kind of intervention and continue in the same way up to end of the project hand in hand with them as already started. About the implementation, a team composed by Isano Organization’s staff, delegates of public institutions, beneficiaries’ and other stakeholders involved in this activity both participate in monitoring and evaluation of each phase of project. All of our interventions are preceded by trainings that consist in sensitization for committing the beneficiaries who are convened to stay together in groups.

Recently ISANO Organization has 126 students(78boys and 48girls) in secondary and primary school with providing school materials, school fees, healthy insurance, etc… and 40youth ( Boys and Girls) in professionals skills such as Computer skills, film making, photograph, painting, music production, handcraft, etc… we also accompany the groups of our former trainees in process of becoming cooperatives where there is around eighty persons organized into six active groups in this process ongoing and we would like to inform you that we also have 2 groups of 44widows produce the culture products such as baskets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, purses, bags, etc…. for moving the poverty in their homes and protecting their children to become on streets.

ISANO Organization always requests the Partnerships with Individuals, Institutions, companies, cooperatives, NGOs, etc… and we always thank our Government, members, volunteers, partners, etc……for their contributions to the people need in Rwanda through ISANO Organization. if you want to donate our work please use this link

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Your faithfully. 

Isano Organization is a local non-profit organization which strengthens and empowers local communities to protect children facing the gravest drogue through social, educational and business programs. Our programs protect…

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