Golden Triangle Business Improvement District

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1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW
United States

About Us

Founded in 1997, the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) encompasses 43 downtown blocks and works to enhance the public space from the White House to Dupont Circle and 16th Street, NW to 21st Street, NW. The BID represents over 30 million square feet of commercial office space, 4,000 businesses, 600 retailers, 200 restaurants, eight hotels, and four U.S. National Parks. The BID’s vision is for a safe, clean, attractive and user friendly downtown that confirms Washington as the premier business and entertainment destination in the region and contributes to the perception that downtown Washington is a world-class destination. The Golden Triangle has focused on maintaining an environment that is clean, safe and welcoming through the management of operations, marketing and administration of the BID to reflect the best possible image of the BID and its membership. The day-to-day management is overseen by a full-time staff headquartered in the center of the BID. Operational functions include the Ambassador Program and Homeless Outreach. The BID has a strong commitment to serving its members. The BID is a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation that elects a Board of Directors to govern its activities and is currently one of five Washington-based Business Improvement Districts.

Business Improvement Districts are established by the private sector and supported financially through an assessment placed on property owners within a geographic boundary. The owners within this area contribute to programs aimed at management, maintenance, development and promotion of the district. The purpose is to supplement, not replace city and government services. BID assessments are restricted to commercial and industrial properties subject to real estate tax. Tax-exempt properties such as religious, public utility, or government properties or those used exclusively as residences are not included in the assessment district.