Fell's Point Main Street

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About Us

We are a member of the Baltimore Main Streets program out of the Baltimore Development Corp. We follow the National Trust's four point Main Street approach to revitalize the historic business district of Fells Point

What doesFPMS do: We focus specifically four main areas,

Providing programs, consultants, and advice to help businesses, both to assist existing businesses stay successful and to help recruit new businesses to the area

Beautifying the neighborhood through programs to clean the neighborhood, increase green space and landscaping, helping businesses improve the "face" of their storefronts, and work on special projects to improve the face of our neighborhood

Building strong strategic partnerships with other groups and agencies around our neighborhood and beyond to help us provide more assistance to our area, and create strategies which are more effective than us working alones Creating events and promotional campaigns which showcase our neighborhood, increase traffic and business to our neighborhood, and help to provide a source of support and funding for sustaining the efforts of FPMS.