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Sun Valley
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About Us

Belly of the Beast Films produces incisive, compelling and transformative video and multimedia content for television, cinema and the Internet. We have produced award-winning films and journalistic work from around the world, including an Emmy for our contribution to HBO's In Tahrir Square, a Gracie Award for a film about a teenage girl striving to be a boxer in Kolkata, India, and the award for best long-form feature from the National Association of Black Journalists for a short documentary on the Black Lives Matter movement. Our work has been published in more than 20 major newspapers and magazines, aired on numerous radio stations, and broadcast on television news networks throughout the world. We seek to bring marginalized voices to the fore, to expose injustices and abuse of power, to create awareness about issues that have been ignored or misunderstood and to challenge mainstream narratives that are devoid of context or distort local realities.