Harrison Park SUN School

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About Us

What SUN is

The Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Initiative brings together city, county and state resources with school districts, parents and neighborhoods. SUN Schools are dedicated to improving the lives of children, families and the community by:

• Increasing student achievement and healthy development.

• Promoting family and community involvement.

• Including neighborhood residents in development of educational, recreational, and social and health services.

• Transforming local schools into community learning centers.

What SUN offers

SUN supports kids, families and communities by addressing the needs and strengths of each individual community. Services provided at SUN Schools include:

• A safe, nurturing place for students before and after school.

• Homework help and tutoring.

• Connection for youth and caring adults.

• Recreation and enrichment opportunities for youth and adults (such as art, sports and cultural events).

• Access to healthcare, mental health and social services.

• Family activities, parent support, and education for all community members.