Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente (Smart Citizen Foundation)

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About Us

Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, (Smart Citizen Foundation), is a non-profit organization, located in Santiago, Chile. It was the first organization in Chile dedicated to promoting government transparency and accountability, and encouraging citizen engagement through information technology. In Chile, there is a great disconnect of information that currently alienates its citizens from politics, the market, and other social actors. Ciudadano Inteligente’s goal is to close this information gap through providing and promoting access to information through the development and use of internet web applications. Citizens are able to use these applications as tools to gather, organize, and illustrate information, and share it through the internet and other media outlets.

The following are some of Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente’s ongoing projects:

Vota Inteligente (Vote Smartly)

Vota Inteligente is dedicated to monitoring the legislative accountability of parliamentarians and principal actors in the political arena in the Chilean National Congress ( Vota Inteligente tracks every bill being debated within Congress – more specifically the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate – providing updated information not only regarding the content of the bill itself but also presenting the bill’s development and status, dimensions of debate, support and opposition of Parliamentary members, potential individual parliamentarian interests and investments on issues, in both plenary and committee levels of Congress. (

In the Profiles,, section of the site, users can find information of each individual Congress member, including the Parliamentarian’s resumé, Twitter and Facebook accounts, RSS feeds, committee membership, and voting history.

Vota Inteligente is also a blogging space in which citizens are able to publish information, opinions, or columns related to the issues of political accountability and transparency.

Acceso Inteligente (Smart Access)

Acceso Inteligente centralizes, facilitates, and streamlines the process of petitioning the Chilean government for information, serves as a database of previous responses and requests, promotes efficiency in this process, and allows for immediate and permanent access to public government information.

Promesas 21 de Mayo (May 21 Promises)

Every year on May 21 the Chilean President addresses the nation to outline his or her priorities for the coming year. A few days before the Presidential address of May 21, 2011, Ciudadano Inteligente launched this site that was the results of a study that compared the president’s May 2010 address to the the degree of completion of stated presidential priorities from the previous year. Through user friendly and easy to understand graphics, the site visitor could understand the level of fulfillment of promises turned into law.

This work will be repeated for the 2012 Presidential address, measuring the degree of fulfillment of the promises of programs and laws mentioned in the 2011 Presidential address.

Donar (Donate)

Donar’s objective is to create a web platform that connects non-profit organizations and people interested in donating money to these organizations in Chile. This will work to incentivize, facilitate, and promote the act of informed donating. Donar’s goal is to help people make informed charitable donations, by providing the public with the access to information about the activities and finances of Chilean non-profit organizations. Many Chilean NGOs are unable to make these elements of their organization transparent to the public because of a lack of resources or technical knowledge.

Hay Acuerdo? (Is there agreement?)

Shows the current debate and agreements between the Chilean students who are protesting education and the agreements and disagreements made with the Chilean government.

Globo Ciudadano (Citizen's Balloon)

Globo Ciudadano is a live, online transmission of protests that happen in Santiago (specifically the education protests) in order to broadcast social movements from a grassroots perspective. This is done through using a camera(phone) connected live to the internet, which is attached to balloons in the air. The camera captures and transmits the protests from above.