The American Academy for Young Professionals (Gr. 6-12)

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About Us

AA-YP is an innovative and private education initiative.

  • The Unique Niche, since 2003

This academy’s mission and specialization is the creation of effective and innovative student academic and leadership “Options” that will benefit and help build EACH student's scholastic achievement. These options include Outstanding Curriculums, Innovative Instruction Strategies, Customized & Individualized Student Academic & College/Career Action Planning, Dual Enrollment Academic & Leadership Programs for Private, Homeschool, Public, and Charter School Students, HomeEducation Covers, Internship Weeks, Five Academic Education Tracks, Early Graduation Program, Mentorship Program, PIC- Parent Instruction Courses, SEP-Summer Entrepreneurship Program, SAC- Summer Academic Courses, Financial Literary Education & Training, BTS Summer Academic Preparation Six Week Program, Leadership Development & Training, The CCLEP College Parallel Program, College/ Career Course Pipelining, Community/Corporate Partnerships, & Local/Global Community Service Programs. AA-YP is educating and developing students for a better America and world. All parents and students are welcomed to attend or dual enroll with The American Academy for Young Professional.