Pediatric Developmental Services

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About Us


Pediatric Developmental Services offers coordination in evaluations and services to children 0-3 years old diagnosed with autism and/or developmental challenges. Such services are provided in the child's home and/or community, and they include Service Coordination, Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Special Education, and Behavioral Management Services.


Assisting developmentally challenged children and their families master early childhood.


Prepared in best practices, including sciences and education.

Devoted to creating a society of compassion and inclusion where all children can reach their full potential.

Striving to be a leader in Early Intervention services and training.

The primary impetus behind this organization is an emerging consensus that the earlier children receive therapeutic services, the greater the developmental, educational, and social gains. Providing such services increases the child's participation in family and community activities, and it supports the family in identifying learning opportunities that enhance their child's development.