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About Us

Conversations That Matter can take place anywhere: between friends, colleagues, even complete strangers; through these conversations, we feel we have a connection with others. The conversation can be as fleeting as a mutual observation while waiting for the bus, or a lengthy discussion about making changes in our lifestyle, school, community, workplace, society, and the world.

I am interested in questions that affect the role we choose to play in our society and our world. For example, do we withdraw so as not to have to face the complexities of life at home and abroad, or do we – together – see how we can contribute to a better future?

If these issues have captured my attention, then there is a fair chance that they will also be of interest to others. Consequently, I will be hosting monthly "Conversations That Matter" that I hope will help make sense of our place in the world - locally, nationally, and globally.

I look forward to conversing with you!