Carver Scott Humane Society

  • Minnesota


210 North Chestnut Street
United States

About Us

Carver Scott Humane Society (CSHS) is a foster-based animal rescue founded in 1989 with a mission to “connect animals in need with people who care.” We place over 500 animals a year into the homes of loving adopters. CSHS is lead by a Board of Directors who focus on the strategic and long-term governance of the organization, and an Executive Director responsible for executing the day to day operations and vision of CSHS in partnership with a talented team of managers and volunteers. Currently, the organization features five paid positions and over 100 volunteer staff positions. In the last two years, CSHS has grown exponentially, and has spent the last year focused on capacity building and infrastructure. 

While CSHS is considered a “no-kill” organization and is primarily a foster-based rescue, we are still focused on minimizing the number of healthy and adoptable animals that are euthanized annually across the United States. To do that, CSHS has developed a cutting-edge, holistic approach to rescue that involves four pillars:

Trap Neuter Return: (TNR) To provide responsible and scientifically-backed feral and community cat management, and prevent unadoptable felines from ending up in animal control facilities and shelters. 

Serve Where You Save: CSHS has committed to only rescuing animals within the state of Minnesota. This allows us to also provide services and support to the communities we serve by helping to prevent animals from ending up in the shelter or rescue system to begin with.

Surrender Prevention: In December of 2016 we launched “Fur Keeps”, an innovative program designed to keep animals where they belong, with their families. We offer financial, medical, behavioral, and rehoming assistance to families who are facing the difficult decision of surrendering their pet due to hardship and other circumstances. 

Adopters Welcome: At CSHS, we believe in lowering barriers to provide a thoughtful, respectful adoption process. While we don’t say “yes” to every adopter, we do consider the impact of every “no”, and how it can affect our ability to serve our community and live our mission and vision.