AmeriCorps and VISTA at Community Action of Skagit County

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330 Pacific Place
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About Us

The mission of Community Action is to help stabilize community members and equip them to exit poverty. Working together we create paths to prosperity and a thriving community for all. Our vision is that everyone in Skagit County has the opportunity to be safe, healthy, and successful. Offering over 30 services to lower-income community members, Community Action’s real product is simple: Hope. Community Action is not merely a nonprofit social service agency. While many of our programs meet basic needs of people struggling to make ends meet, our purpose is to alleviate poverty and help people attain a level of self-sufficiency. As some would say, we are a trampoline, not just a safety net.

Community Action is the proud sponsor of two AmeriCorps programs for the 2014-2015 service year, collectively called Serve Northwest Washington. All AmeriCorps partner sites fall in line with our mission and vision of creating a spirit of hope by helping people help themselves and each other. Our two programs are:

Individual Placement (IP) AmeriCorps State and National

We are hosting 3 Individual Placement positions which will address unmet local needs in our community around employment, financial stability, and food and nutrition. Members must be 18-25 years old and will serve for 10.5 months directly serving community members in their impact areas.

Skagit VISTA AmeriCorps VISTA

The mission of AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is to eliminate poverty by creating permanent, sustainable, positive change in communities and the organizations that serve them. At Community Action we host 8 VISTA members who serve not only at our organization but also with community partners. There is no age limit with VISTA and members serve for 1 year helping stabilize communities, building capacity, and creating infrastructure.