Central Highland Teachers

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Kon Tum


About Us

We are looking for native English speakers to volunteer for short and long term programmes teaching English in the beautiful Central Highlands of Vietnam.

We ask you to give up your time to teach the local people to speak English properly. In return, we will offer you a break from your normal life: to learn about a new culture, make lifelong friends, and even change lives.

As a tourist, you can visit new places, but you don't get the opportunity to delve deeper into the culture and speak to people who live there. In return for teaching English for a few hours a day, you will be welcomed into a Vietnamese home, eat traditional foods, and learn about Vietnamese culture with English speaking locals. Explore the town of Kon Tum and the surrounding minority villages with the locals. Learn things about yourself you would never have believed. No previous teaching experience is necessary: simply by speaking in your native tongue, you will offer invaluable help to locals eager to learn to speak English.

Central Highlands Volunteers is not-for-profit: the minimal costs involved directly cover accommodation, airport transfers and food during your stay. We offer 6-month or 12-month gap year programmes, or short term programmes of between 2 and 8 weeks.