God's Little Children International

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About Us

We are Christian oriented non-profit organization, public charity. Our goal is to provide food to homeless children living in slums of 3rd world countries; to enable them to attend school and break the cycle of poverty -- regardless of race, color or creed.

Our first project is to help a small church group in Manila, Philippines. They are a very poor church and yet they feed 60-100 children once a week. At first they were feeding them rice with cocoa powder sprinkled on top. Through our representative in Manila a sponsor has been giving $25 per week which allows them to add some hotdogs or meat.. This is the largest meal they eat ALL week. We need donations to increase this to add milk, vegetables, and serve nutritional meals. Approximately $100 per week.

School is free in the Philippines, but these children do not attend. Instead they spend 12 hours a day begging in the streets in order for their families to eat. Home is a pile of rags on the curb that they share with their parents and many more siblings. Their clothes are rags. It costs approximately $25 per year for uniforms for school.

The sponsor was also able to supply 60 backpacks. If a child could prove they were enrolled in school they received a backpack and supplies.

Our desire is to be able to hire someone to pack lunches for the kids to pick up on their way to school. Cost is: $1-2 per child per day.

We have no funds since we are new -- but we already have requests from Baggio City, Philippines; Columbia, and Annapolis,Brazil for a food program.

All Donations are appreciated.

501 (C)(3) applied waiting status - recognized by IRS as a non-profit.