Mother Africa

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About Us

Founded in 2004, Mother Africa is a grassroots nonprofit based in Kent, Washington. We serve African communities that moved to South King County from countries all over the African continent. Our primary program work is women focussed, community development, social support and social services. We provide case management, women's groups, economic empowerment programs, mental health workshops and community development support. We are community led, and provide our services to women from all socioeconomic backgrounds, in their native languages with interpretation, and always include childcare and transportation support built in to our programs. Our work is housed in our Center for African Women; a space that all communities are welcome to host their gatherings and meetings in.

Mission: The mission of Mother Africa is to build leadership, advocacy and community action capacity to support African women and their families to reach their highest potential. We are committed to reduce barriers to health, education, safety and economic independence while fostering an empowering environment that celebrates cultural diversity, families and socio-economic growth.

Vision: We envision a time when all Washington State’s African women and their families have the tools, support and services needed to achieve success. 


·     Inclusivity (All countries, religions, political beliefs, gender, language….etc)

·     Empowerment of African women and their families and communities

·     Trust building, transparency and accountability

·     Community led and data driven

·     Cultural competence, preservation and diversity