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About Us

The New Jersey Organizing Project  is a regional network of people standing up for South Jersey and the Shore. We do this by connecting people and organizations to each other based on our vision for our communities.  When there is a problem we face that’s too big for people to tackle on their own, we take broad public action in order to make change happen where that wouldn’t have been possible by acting alone.

Our communities matter to us.  When we activate, connect and train community members to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives and take action on for real solutions, we succeed.

We engage in community-powered solutions for a full and fair Sandy recovery for all of us.  We believe our communities deserve a dignified and secure retirement and good jobs. In our region, and stewardship of our natural resources and climate preparedness are key for our families and economy.  We will work together to pass policies that help our region, to change institutions, hold corporations accountable and ensure elected officials stand with us, their constituents.