Breathe Life 4 All Inc.

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P.O. Box 2135
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About Us

Breathe Life 4 All Inc. is an HIV/AIDS nonprofit located in Orlando, Florida. Breathe Life 4 All Inc. provides outreach, education, testing and counseling services and will begin to roll-out a breath of new prevention programs and events geared towards building and strengthening community bonds.

Breathe Life 4 All Inc. was founded on the belief that it takes only ONE person to save another human life. With the support of every single one of you, we can succeed no matter your sexual orientation, race, or age. The bullet that is HIV/AIDS aims at all and our mission is to provide services to all those in need.

Until this devastating disease is eliminated, we vow to be a leader in preventing the spread of the virus by breathing education and prevention services in our communities, thus creating a clear path for a more unified, stronger, and healthier future.