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About Us

eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. is a North Carolina registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that provides Small Business Training and Entrepreneurial Developmental services to military and minority communities. Thisinitiative comes in response to growing, national, bipartisan efforts by Congress and the Obama Administration to spearhead job growth and economic stimulation, amidst what many consider to be the harshest period of joblessness and socio-economic decline of this generation. The organization serves to provide a grassroots approach to servicing those who seek to advance themselves and their small businesses interests by way of these (the“Vow to Hire Heroes Act”,“The American Jobs Act”, etc.) and other federal initiatives, in the interest of promoting economic prosperity, job growth, and entrepreneurialism. eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. participates strictly as a support-agent to the economic development of our local business community; offering free small-business training and tutorial services to local communities that have been disproportionately stricken with higher rates of unemployment.Although our program targets those North Carolina communities that statistically have suffered the most, we willingly service the extended population of entrepreneurs in an effort to support the business-building aspirations of all who seek it, regardless of demographic or community identification.