Busy Rural Family Farm

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About Us

We're Daniel & Patti EarthStewards. In the lifestyle we have lived for the last twenty four years we followed the examples of Helen & Scott Nearing. Helen & Scott Nearing were the authors of the "Living The Good Life" series of books first published in the 1930's, and they became important contributors to the back-to-the-land movement on their homesteading experiences in the 1970's. They created and lived sustainable principles and methodically set about living solutions to modern days problems.

We're taking applications from a person or couple for a food self-reliance Internship/Caretaking exchange beginning in the Spring at our homestead. This is a full season commitment running from early April thru the end of October.

We're offering a rare, one of a kind value easily worth 50K or more if purchased as individual workshops. In exchange for your part time labors around our homestead (20 hours per week) you'll receive high quality hands-on instructions from us based upon our 24 years experience in growing organically for our food self-reliance.

Our food self-reliance instructions will be given on starting seeds for transplanting, planting in raised beds, succession plantings, building and using season extending covers, mulching, composting, full season care of a variety of vegetables and fruits grown in our northern climate, and on harvesting, processing and preserving your food. You'll also learn how to save seeds, how to use manual gardening tools, greenhouses, a root cellar and our food preserving infrastructures.

Also available for our Intern's study is our intensive library of books and manuals on all the above. One book we highly recommend our Intern read in advance of beginning an Internship with us is: "How to grow more vegetables then you ever thought possible on less land then you can imagine" by John Jeavons.

Along with the above tutoring, Intern will receive free housing and utilities in a self-contained travel trailer fully equipped for independent living, use of established beds for growing for your consumption, all the irrigation water, compost and mulch Intern requires for your growing needs, eggs from our chickens and a share of our apple harvest.

Applicant must have skills and aptitude to this lifestyle, be physically and mentally healthy, and be a non-smoker/non-drinker/non-drug user. Applicant must have own transportation, have funds enough for meeting your personal needs throughout full season, be able/willing to commit to this Internship for the full season, be adapt in taking instructions gracefully and work honestly for what Intern receives.

To apply, please submit a formal resume with references, a recent photo of yourself, and an essay on why you feel this is the perfect opportunity you've been seeking in order to learn all the above. Send these to busyruralfamily@aol.com

For more information about us, to view photos of us and our homestead, and to learn about our efforts to form a Prepper Haven called Gathering Our Tribe, go to ... http://directory.ic.org/records/?action=view&page=view&record_id=20842

PS If the reader is not personally able to utilize this opportunity, but who knows someone who might be able to, please forward this announcement onto that person . Thank you.

Best Wishes, Daniel & Patti